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Hihi all~ Colette here~ So, um, as most of you (if anyone still reads this) probably know I quit aika (though I did recently start logging in again D:), and that combined with rl stuff caused me to not keep up with this either. So, as of now, I will do my best to start updating again, however with grad school coming up combined with all the shows I do updates will be a bit sporadic.

tl;dr: I <3 you all, and sorry for not posting in so long. I will try to keep updating but no promises :/ Sorry! >.<

Hey guys, Colette here. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. AC will be back up and running next week though! Started a new job so have been having trouble finding time for anything lately, but I’ve pretty much got things under wraps at this point. So look forward to Confessions returning super soon~ (as well as a possible sister site if things work out).

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